7 misunderstandings about oil control make your skin more controllable and oilier_1

7 myths about oil control make your skin more controllable

As soon as summer arrives, oil control becomes a major issue for skin care.

The question is how to control the oil?

There are countless secret recipes for oil control. Is it easy to use?

In fact, many times, there are many “oil control” misunderstandings in our lives. Those experiences that have been regarded as “skin care Bibles” are actually the culprits that make us “prosperous”.


1 Excessive cleansing Avoid using strong degreasing cleaning products or replacing cleansed skin.

Oily skin does feel refreshed and even “dry” after intense cleaning.

However, what is “washed out” in this way is not only the facial oil slick, but also the natural protection of the skin.

Dermatologists believe that the correct cleaning method does not necessarily wash away all the “oil”, but choose a mild and suitable oil-control cleaning product to remove excess oil.


2 Use oil-absorbing paper as a life-saving magic weapon and wipe it with oil-absorbent tissue paper as soon as it comes out of the oil. It happens that there is no oil-absorbing paper on hand, and it is simply replaced with ordinary paper towels. The shine is temporarily eliminated, but it also damages the skin.

Some people rarely use maintenance products all summer because of their fear of oiliness.

The correct selection of oil control products can also give the skin a fresh and refreshing moisturization.


3 T-shaped area lack of care T-shaped area composed of forehead and nose is prone to oiling, and often pores are enlarged and red and swollen due to oil secretion.

Proper selection of T-zones has special care products, including more oil-suppressing and oil-controlling ingredients to prevent prevention of makeup removal.


4 Use a lotion with astringent ingredients to shrink the pores. If the pores are small, the oil will naturally contain less alcohol. Vitamin A acid and other astringent ingredients can indeed penetrate the pores and shrink the pores. After washing your face in the morning and evening, it will have an astringent effect.The firming lotion can clean the skin again and shrink the pores to a considerable extent.

However, long-term use of certain lotions containing powerful astringent ingredients can easily double pores!

At this time, the oil will also be secreted, but it has not reached the skin surface for a long time, and will accumulate toxins and bacteria, forming endless acne, blackheads, and even unfortunate grains.

Therefore, those plants with gentle astringent products are more trustworthy.


5 Oil control is to reduce the secretion of oil. For women over 25 years of age, it is not enough to control the amount of oil. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the quality of oil.

Comparative experiments found that facial oils secreted by adults were cloudy and yellow, while infant oils were clear and transparent.

The root cause of this difference is that adults have more exposure to sunlight and polluted air than babies. Fat contains a large amount of peroxy free fatty acids, which can easily contain toxins, causing the skin to look greasy, clogged pores, and blackheads.Acne and other issues.

6 As you age, your skin becomes dry and oil control is no longer needed. Oil and fat problems are often considered to be the exclusive problem of oily skin.

In fact, many women over the age of 25 will have problems with oil in the T zone, excess oil during the physiological period, and oil panning under pressure.

These problems are not solved well. A series of problems such as acne, enlarged pores, rough skin, and dull complexion will be uninvited.

Complete data show that more than 60% of Asian women’s skin problems are related to imbalances in oil secretion and metabolism.

Oil control is no longer simply a matter of reducing the amount of oil secreted. It is equally important to improve the quality of oil.


7 The less skin care products you use, the more you can reduce the phenomenon of oily. The hot summer is often the most careless season for skin care.

Refusing to use moisturizers for fear of greasy feeling is a big misunderstanding of summer skin care.

Just absorbing oil, oil control can not only improve the greasy condition, but also make the skin drier and produce more wrinkles.

Only the water and oil balance is the perfect state of the skin.