[Can beef and sugar be eaten together]_ cotton candy _ diet taboo

[Can beef and sugar be eaten together]_ cotton candy _ diet taboo

Beef and sugar are very good ingredients and have health effects.

There is a lot of lean meat in beef, which can increase our physical strength. For many people with hearing impairment, beef can be supplemented to achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

White sugar is rich in mineral elements, which can regulate our body. The effect of beef and white sugar is doubled.

So, can sugar and beef be eaten together?

First, as the saying goes, “cross-cut beef straight tear chicken” means that the muscle fibers of beef are thick and tough. When cutting beef, you must use a sharp knife to cut thin slices according to the cross-section.

Otherwise, the fried beef will be hard and tough and won’t rot.

Second, corned beef is actually a process of seasoning and shelf life.

On the ingredients, the first is sugar.

Beef is sweet and salty, even roasted beef jerky must have a certain sweetness.

Using sugar not only solves the taste problem, but more importantly, after marinating with white sugar for 20 minutes, the sugar molecules penetrate into the beef and the meat will become fresh and tender.

After marinating, add a little water and stir to prevent the beef from dehydrating and shrinking and hardening.

In addition, after the sugar molecules penetrate into the beef, it will also absorb water and make the beef fillet swell when it encounters adding water, which reduces its deformation and hardness.

Then add other ingredients, such as ginger flakes, ginger shreds, ginger juice, five spice powder, thirteen incense, etc., according to personal taste, eliminate the odor.

The third is to add salt and MSG and starch.

Season the beef with salt and MSG, then wrap the slurry with starch.

Baking is to try to make the surface of each piece of meat coated with thin slices to reduce the contact between the beef pieces and the air and the heat received, so that the nutrients in the meat are not lost and the meat is fresh and tender.

There are two kinds of powder: one is using raw powder (ie starch), the tissue fluid exuded during the bacon and the water added when stirring, just to make a slurry with the raw powder; the second is to use egg protein and a little water to mix the initialPowder, but not as effective as raw flour.

Third, put some oil in the wok and heat it to about 100 months. Gently disperse the beef slices covered with pulp in the oil distribution. Do not flip. Turn off the heat and let the beef slices slowly heat through.When it is ready to cook, turn the beef over and turn the beef slices over, then turn off the heat and continue to heat until cooked through.